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Quality You Can Count On & Service You Can Trust

When your home is affected by storm damage, your roof is likely the most expensive item that will need replacement.  The insurance claim process for replacing a roof can be confusing but C & G Homes will help you through the process & answer any questions that you have.


Once C & G Homes inspects your roof for free and determines if the damage is sufficient to warrant a claim to be filed with your insurance company.  The next thing to be done would be for you to file a claim with your insurance company.  You do not want to call your Agent for this because they may try and discourage you from filing since it may affect their portfolio bonuses. You instead should call the claims number that is direct to the insurance company. 

C & G Homes will be happy to help you make the call to get the claim filed.


The next step in the insurance claims process for replacing a roof is the adjuster meeting.  Your insurance company will send out an adjuster to evaluate damages.  C & G Homes Project Manager will represent you in this process.  Remember; the adjuster is there to minimize the claim as much as possible so the insurance company can save as much as possible on the claim payout.  Your C & G Project Manager will meet with the adjuster to ensure you get everything covered that you are entitled to and to replace your roof with quality materials.


If your roof gets approved by the adjuster for replacement, then you can expect paperwork from the adjuster that will outline what they will pay for along with a first check to use towards the roof replacement. The balance will be paid when the work is completed. When receiving that paperwork your C & G Project Manager will go through it with you and explain it in detail.  If anything is missing, we can submit it to the insurance company and get it added to the final check.  The insurance claims process for replacing a roof is nearly complete at this point.  C & G Homes will set up the installation date and then submit the final bill to the insurance company for payment.


There are situations when the insurance companies will pay for the complete roof replacement in one payment before the installation is completed.